El Paso Machine Shop Penalized by US Labor Department for Numerous Safety and Health Hazards, Faces Over $596K in Fines



In El Paso, Texas, a machine shop and manufacturing facility, Dynamic Tool Co. Inc., has been found by the U.S. Department of Labor to have knowingly put its employees at risk, violating a multitude of workplace safety and health regulations. The inspection, part of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) National Emphasis Program on amputations in manufacturing industries, revealed 58 infractions at the company, including three categorized as willful.

The inspection highlighted two willful safety breaches due to the absence of machine guards, exposing workers to dangers such as amputations, injuries from moving parts, and hazards from flying debris. Additionally, a willful health violation was noted for the company’s failure to implement an effective hearing protection and testing program for employees exposed to high noise levels.

Diego Alvarado, OSHA’s Area Director in El Paso, expressed deep concern over the extensive and serious nature of the hazards found at Dynamic Tool Co. He emphasized the unacceptable nature of these failures, some of which could lead to severe or permanent harm to employees. Immediate action was urged for the company to ensure worker protection and compliance with federal safety and health regulations.

Beyond the willful violations, OSHA’s citations against Dynamic Tool included serious violations, such as:

  • Lack of lockout/tagout systems to prevent unexpected machine activation.
  • Inadequate training for employees on energy control procedures.
  • Improper storage of materials and blocked passageways.
  • Use of faulty powered industrial trucks.
  • Failure to properly guard belts and gears.
  • Electrical risks from flexible cords and junction boxes.
  • Absence of a comprehensive noise monitoring program.

Dynamic Tool faces proposed penalties totaling $596,221, determined by federal guidelines.

Established in 1979 in El Paso, Dynamic Tool Co. Inc. is a leader in producing precision parts and components for various industries, including automotive, military, and medical sectors. The company specializes in manufacturing close tolerance components and aluminum extrusion items, notably cylindrical and elliptical cans.

Following the issuance of citations and penalties, the company has a 15-day window to comply, arrange an informal meeting with OSHA’s area director, or challenge the findings before the independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.

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